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Pulling off a great event or exhibition. There’s a lot that goes into this. Including a lot of pressure to get it right and get results.

Our years (and years and years) of expertise in this space are actually only as good as the brief we take from you at the start. Fortunately, we’ve become accomplished at asking the right questions to get to the heart of what will make your event successful. 

So how do we get a great brief? This article will help you give thought to the really important things we need you to know so that we can design and build you up for success:

1. The Basics

It may seem obvious, but let’s start with the things that are fixed in place:

  • The date of your event
  • The venue it’s being held in
  • The size of space you’ve booked 

2. The Business

Now this is the essential bit. Think back to when the decision to exhibit at this event was made and remind yourself of the reasons you chose to do this. What is the outcome you’re looking for from this event? What will make this a successful event for you?

Success is the result of great design, great design starts with understanding your ambitions for success. To close sales with warm leads discreetly? To make a high number of new business contacts? To qualify your new contacts at the event? To demonstrate products? To educate in a fun or meaningful way? To distribute high volume sample packs?

What you’ll need and what we’ll consider:

  • High traffic for maximum exposure = suspended signs, open sides, use of eye-catching graphics and traffic flow.
  • Multiple product demonstrations = product demo areas, the use of technology, independent staging areas.
  • Visualisers to aid flow = screens, LED lighting, positioning, portable technology.
  • Meeting room space = hospitality, waiting areas, receptions, cloakrooms, furniture and signage.
  • High volume hospitality = capacity, colours, furniture, catering, signage.
  • Comfy coffee style conversations = designing with discretion, styling, visuals, materials.

When we design with you, we’re building with your brand and creating a physical space for success.

3. The Budget

If you’re new to owning the event and exhibition plan, this might feel like a difficult question to answer. It’s our job to match design options with your expectations and meet your budget, so even a broad estimation is a good starting place.

We work with a variety of materials and production options that can help you understand how to maximise your idea against different budget options, including sustainability practices and longevity of stand build

Summary: Start with the end in mind, be clear on the basics, and have an understanding of the budget you’re looking to allocate. From there, the fun part of the process can really get started!

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