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With sustainability practices high on most corporate agendas, it’s not uncommon to inherit an existing exhibit with a client.

In 2016, Adder Technology came to us with their existing modular exhibit system. They needed a service provider who could safely store, install, and dismantle between their European show dates.

Modular exhibit systems, if designed and built well, can last you through several years of exhibiting. We offer a dedicated storage facility for these types of stands and equipment, with installation and dismantle services for the events you book into.

As with any exhibit design, the styles and requirements change over time and in 2019 Adder offered White Space Creative the chance to pitch for a new long lasting stand to take them through their next series of events. Having seen Adder in action we could see they would benefit from:

• Modular display units that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and rearranged to suit different spaces.

• Interchangeable components such as LED screens and light box graphics to allow for easy customisation.

• Flexible displays that can be scaled up or down depending on the available space and budget.

Evolving their existing design radically; we opted for clean lines and minimalist aesthetic to deliver a more refined, contemporary style together with a careful selection of materials to ensure the build sustains its lifetime expectation.

A thoughtful application of colour psychology and lighting effects creates atmosphere and draws attention where it is needed. The overall stand is dressed with event furniture, props, technology and hospitality to serve the specifics of each event.

After 4 years, albeit one year held hostage to COVID restrictions, we’re now back at the design desk giving creative thought to where we can take Adder next as they expand their event calendar.

With sustainability and creativity as the bedrock of our design process, we love building exhibits that last and look great.

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